Monday, June 2, 2014

Riding Magazine Features Premier Equestrian

The June 2014 issue of Riding Magazine features Premier Equestrian and GGT arena footing. Premier Equestrian is the largest U.S. supplier of GGT footing. Premier uniquely educates customers about the importance of choosing the right sand and footing additives for their discipline, arena set-up, amount of horses per day, and other factors. Premier Equestrian provides a detailed, free sand analysis to help customers make informed decisions.

Premier Equestrian also offers a Footing Test Kit, which provides enough samples of our different footing additives to do 5-gallon bucket tests. If you're ready to test a larger area, try out a Test Strip, which includes enough footing additive to test a 100 sq. foot area of your arena. Call us with questions at 1-800-611-6109

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