Monday, November 11, 2013

Got Good Footing? Get a Free Arena Sand Analysis and Find Out.

Got Good Footing? Get a Free Arena Sand Analysis and Find Out.

Grab a pen and write down the address, then send in your arena footing sample

Premier Equestrian is offering free sand analysis of riding arenas through their new Premier Arena Footing Division. Mark Neihart, co-founder of Premier Equestrian, is heading up the new division. | Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian


free sand analysis

Photo: Premier Equestrian, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, jumps, and stable accessories, is offering free sand analysis of riding arenas through their new Premier Arena Footing Division. Mark Neihart, co-founder of Premier Equestrian, is heading up the new division.

Premier Equestrian is offering free sand analysis of riding arenas through their new Premier Arena Footing Division. Mark Neihart, co-founder of Premier Equestrian, is heading up the new division. | Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian.

Ask five different horse stable owners about arena footing for horses and you’ll get five different opinions. Determining whether your equestrian arena footing is good or bad is often a daunting task for horse owners. But now, thanks to Premier Equestrian’s new footing division, horse owners can receive a free sand analysis to determine the makeup of their equestrian arena.

Premier Equestrian LLC, a leading supplier of dressage arenas, horse jumps, arena footing and stable accessories, has recently expanded to include an Arena Footing Division, guided by Premier’s co-founder Mark Neihart.

“We are offering a free sieve analysis report for our customers’ arena sand. This can be existing sand or sand they are thinking about buying from the local quarry. The test will analyze the particle size of the sand, telling us if it is coarse or fine and what percentage of each size particle makes up the sand. We use this test to determine the suitability of the sand for our products GGT Footing, ProTex and Prostride Crumb Rubber,” said Neihart.

Here’s how you send them your arena footing sample:

Scoop up about a cup of your arena footing, making sure to get a good mixture all the way down to the base, and put it in a plastic bag (note: make sure the bag is well sealed before you mail it!).

Send the arena footing sample, along with your name, address, phone number and email address, to:

Premier Equestrian

8385 South Allen Street

Suite 101

Sandy, Utah 84070

Neihart has extensive arena footing for horses experience, recently constructing three equestrian arenas at the prestigious Al Asayl Equestrian Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. “No matter where you are located, most people experience problems with their footing,” Neihart said. “Sand comes in all shapes and sizes and some sands are much better than others to use in arenas. Depending upon factors such as access to water, climate, indoor or outdoor, and the footing product you are using in the sand, the sand type matters.”

The free sand analysis from Premier will determine what type of footing can be added to an equestrian arena to produce the best possible footing. “Our GGT Footing, ProTex, Master’s Blend, Athletex and Prostride Crumb Rubber can be added to the sand to help get the most protection and performance from an arena,” Neihart said. “One of the goals of Premier is to educate horse owners, including understanding what type of footing is best in an arena.”

Neihart said bad footing includes footing that rolls or is too hard or too deep. “Bad footing affects the bio-

mechanical movement of the horse and can prematurely wear out joints, tendons and ligaments. Some footings can permanently cause lameness. Of course bad footing also affects the performance of the horse,” he said. Good footing will protect a horse from lameness issues and enhance the horse’s performance by giving the horse a consistent surface to ride on. “Cushion, shear prevention, and the resulting traction are things to expect from a good footing surface,” Neihart said.

Premier Equestrian is considered America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of dressage arenas. Chosen as an official supplier to the World Equestrian Games, Premier Equestrian supplied the dressage arenas for the World Equestrian Games, as well as the dressage warm-up arena, driving arena, driving warm-up arena and the flower boxes and dressage letters. Premier is also a leading supplier of arena footing, and has supplied the new Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex, located in Wellington, with ProTex footing for its new 220 x 90 covered dressage arena. Premier Equestrian also offers Prostride Horse Arena Footing and GGT-Footing.

For more information on all Premier Equestrian products, including footing, dressage arenas, jumps and stable accessories, or call 800-611-6109.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Protex Horse Arena Footing - River Grove Farm with Adrienne Lyle

Adrienne Lyle coaches rider and discusses how to begin the flying change. In this brief video clip we have a second level horse working on the flying change - just so she can move up to third level.




0:05in this brief video clip we have a second level horse

0:08working on the flying thing just so she can move up to third level

0:11like most horses when he starts he has a little bit of trouble coordinating all

0:15four legs at once

0:17and the specific buying change issue we're dealing with today is from the

0:21left lead to the right the change

0:22his first tends to change clean behind and then late in front

0:26this comes from the fact that this first ones to lean on the right shoulder be

0:30heavy on the right train

0:31and not respected writers right leg therefore causing her to have a little

0:35trouble getting true suppleness on that right side

0:37and getting him to balance himself upright in a place that he can do a

0:41clean fine change

0:42the first of the writer just pick up the left a counter canter

0:45attempt to fly in change to the right so we can see the issue we're dealing with

0:48here she asked for the change

0:52actually changes clean behind but never completes the flying change with the

0:55front leg

0:55so now he's out a balance she's gotta bring them back on a circle here

0:59get him back with her pretty common problem for a green her starting changes

1:04not a big deal she's gonna bring him back to the walk than ready to discuss

1:09the issue estar exercise

1:10and having the writer start by picking up correctly counter canter on a

1:1620-meter circle

1:17she's holding the weapon her right hand so she can gently tap them on the right


1:21encouraging him to lead your of that right side and take that way of it his

1:25right front leg

1:26therefore making him more balance so that is not meaning in around the corner

1:29like a motorcycle

1:30she can tell it gets more balance pretty fine remove that shoulder out

1:34the left becomes lighter and softer on the right train their when she feels a

1:37couple good steps and that softer connection the bright side she walks in

1:41praises him

1:42this preparation and this perspective that right leg

1:45and the suppleness on the right train is the most important before she ever ask

1:49for a change

1:49never asked for the change the moment when you feel the horses fighting in the

1:53connection are you feel there is tension or nervousness

1:55when she feels he gets here does good steps and he gets a walk break

2:02let her walk around for a minute on a loose rein let him relax

2:06think about that take the pressure off so the in everything so the changes are

2:09stressful situation

2:11after she's let him have a momentary break that walk to relax

2:16she picks up the contact again and back to that left three counter canter on

2:19that twenty meter circle to the right

2:21but she's looking for is at suppleness on the right side

2:27that reflection through the poll the neck in the shoulders to the right

2:30so that we know is not leaning through that right side and as she does she also

2:35I think about the canner quality

2:37he's getting here a little bit slow when the Cantor is losing a little jump an

2:42implosion so she's gonna try to pretend I'm a little with that right leg so that

2:45keep setting gauge met behind gets a little bit low here and strong out

2:49not why he has a little break there in a little mistake

2:52not a big deal she continues to make a step of the right leg that's the most

2:55important thing you stick with what you were asking

2:58now he's giving them a couple little caps behind here little match with the


3:02saying let's put a little more ballots in the scanner so we have a little more

3:05airtime in the moment at the change now that's better bounce in the canner

3:08and then a good change he had the energy and the implosion behind their

3:13in order to do a cracked flying change and she had him stepping enough of her

3:17right leg he was soft and not right

3:18rain and not dying down to the right infanticide horses just starting this

3:23fine changes that's enough for him today

3:25a little bit a counter canter a couple changes attempting

3:29he gave us a good one there at the end analogous to go home to his stall in

3:32think about it be proud of the work you did today you always want to keep it

3:36changes a happy thing

3:37never making them feel stressed or worried in them and you can tell he's

3:41quite proud to work to get there

Monday, November 4, 2013

Kid Jumps - Pretend Play Horse Jumps for Kids

Kid Jumps - Pretend Play Horse Jumps for Kids

You have found the best kids jumps in America! Built by Premier Equestrian and designed for safety, long life, and fun!

We have recently redesigned our kids jumps line and now they are even better! Our new jump cup strips, new gate sizes, new ez-jump foot all come together to make our kids jumps easy to use, very safe, and most of all, boat-loads of fun!

Built with our 100% UV-resistant PVC, these jumps are safe, durable and attractive. The perfect addition to your child's playground. We also offer an extensive line of Jump Accessories to add to your jump course. All items include free shipping in the contiguous US

Recent studies show lack of exercise in adolescents a potential health risk! 
Healthy Kids!

Encouraging healthy food, love of exercise and fresh air are key factors in raising hearty kids. Eating well and exercising work in tandem. If your child neglects one of these components, the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions increases dramatically.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children, just as adults, should spend one or more hours a day exercising. The idea of daily exercise should be perceived positively by your child. Even children who are not overweight have become less fit over the past decade, according to research.

Obesity is not the only enemy of children's health, according to sports and exercise specialists writing in the medical journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood. They say that even those children who are not overeating are frighteningly inactive and may pay the price in
terms of their future health.

This is a global phenomenon – Studies find that children's cardiorespiratory (heart and lung) fitness is declining by 4.3% a decade across the world. Sedentary lifestyles and too much time in front TV’s and computer screens is blamed.

Federal guidelines recommend that children get an hour or more of moderate to vigorous
aerobic activity a day.

Premier Equestrian Kid Jumps are a great way to encourage your children to some healthy outside activity.