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Dressage Arena Setup - How to set up a Dressage Arena

Dressage Arena Setup - How to set up a Dressage Arena



Dressage Arena Setup - How to set up a Dressage Arena



Your new arena is made from sturdy PCV. This material is UV treated for sun,

and light impact. This is basically maintenance free aside from a thorough

cleaning from time to time. To clean your arena use water and a mild detergent. 

Use a sponge or soft cloth as abrasives may scratch the finish. To get out

real stubborn stains you can use mineral spirits followed by a water rinse. Go

lightly when using mineral spirits it can damage the finish.

When arena is set up, rails should be turned over every 2-3 months to prevent

sagging. When moving your arena, be sure to lay flat and not let rails bend

while in transit. Arena is safe to leave out in all weather conditions, however in

extreme cold, rails are more susceptible to damage with any impact.

Storage: Rail must lie flat on a smooth flat surface, be sure to wash sand off

rails to prevent scratching. Cones should be clean and free of sand and debris

before stacking.




Please take a moment to read through the entire directions before setting up

your Premier Equestrian Arena. These instructions will guide you step-by-step

through the process of assembly. If you should have any difficulty or question

please call us at 800-611-6109.

Included in your shipment: What you need:

30 Rails Hammer

26 Line Cones 40 Meter Tape Measurer

4 Corner Cones 160 Meters of Twine or String

2 2-ft. Stakes or Rebar

10 sections on 40 meter side

5 sections on 20 meter side


1. Drag or blade the arena area — as level and smooth as possible.

2. Locate and count all parts. Separate line cones, corner cones

3. Deposit Rails and Cones – place the pieces around the outside perimeter

where the arena will stand. This is to get the pieces close to where they will be




4. Find the Center Point – Assuming you want your arena centered atop the footing you will need to find the center point of your footing. Measure from edge

to edge of the long side. Mark the center point. Measure from edge to edge of

the short side and mark the center point. Bring the center points together to

find the center of your arena.

5. Locate Short Side Line – From the center point measure 30 meters toward the

short side, this is where your short side will line up.

6. Locate Long Side Line – From the center point measure 10 meters toward the

long side, this is where your long side will line up.

7. Locate First Corner – At the point where the two side lines intersect is the

corner of your arena. Set cones and rails to create your first corner

8. Square First Corner – Use the 3-4-5 triangle method to set up 90 degree corners. (see diagram). Measure from where the two rails meet in the corner,

(mark this the starting point). From the starting point measure one rail to 3

feet, use the inside top of rail, and mark the point. Again using the inside

edge top of the rail, from the starting point measure the other rail to 4 feet

and mark the point. (Remember, the rail is four meters long) To achieve a

correct 90 degree angle the distance between the two marked points must

be 5 feet. Move the angle of the rails on the short side in or out until the

distance between the marked points is 5 feet. Now the corner is square.

9. Set-up First Long Side – From the

squared first corner cone, lay a tape

or long string in a straight line to

help you. Keep in mind the center

point of the arena to make the line

square with the base.

10.Build Out First Long Side – Using the

string as a guide place the rails and

cones along the long side. Make

sure the rails butt up against each


other. Rails are pre-cut

and measured as long

as they are tight your

length will be correct.

40 Meter Side has

10 sections, 9 Straight

Cones and 2 Corner Cones.

11.Square Second Corner –

Use the same method

as before to square the

second corner. 20 Meter

Side has 5 sections, 4

Straight Cones and 2

Corner Cones.

12.Build Out Short Side –

Assemble cones and

rails along the short


13.Build Out Original Short

Side – Go back to original corner and build the

short side there before

building second long

side. This corner should

already be squared.

Assemble cones and

rails along this short


14.Square Third Corner

Use the same method as described above to square the corner.

15.Build Out Second Long Side Use your string or tape to line up both built out

short sides. This will help you to lay cones and rails in the direction you

need. If the last long side is off, it is

easy to alter one of the short sides to

fit. Assemble cones and rails to finish

the second long side.

16. Places and around lip of cone Finish your

set-up by placing your footing around

the lip of the cone. (You may also bury

the cone slightly). This will ensure

wind stability and secure each cone.


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